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2000B/H 500ml PET bottle

Tea Juice Production Line

Project plan




We can provide beverage other filling line as below:

1. Complete pure water production line

2. Complete mineral water production line

3. Complete juice production line

4. Complete aerated beverage production line

5. 5 Gallons water production line.

6.  Packaging system

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1T Water treatment



Original pump


Quartz sand filter Ø400 


Active carbon filteØ400 


Sodium ion filterØ400


Precise filter Ø320


Hollow ultra filtration


UV sterilization


Store tank 2T 










Juice dink mixing system

Extraction tank


Sugar melting pot CTNYTYH-500


Mixing tank 1T


Double filter CTNYZYHP-1


 Buffer tank CTNYWYSG-500


High pressure homogenizer CTNYGYJB25-1


Vacuum deaerator TQ-1000


Ultra-temperature instantaneous sterilizer 1ton/h


Insulation tank CTNYLYRG-1000







Filling and packing system

CTNYQYS-12 Washing machine


CTNYGYFP-12 Filling machine


CTNYFYXZ-1 Capping machine


Conveying system


Turn-up bottle sterilizer 6m


Cooling bottle machine 4m


Ink jet coder


Blowing dryer 3000bph


Semi-auto sleeve-label machine


Semi-auto PE film packing machine


  this price without pipelines, conveyor, and fruit juice extractor

1. Price FOB China

Note: Price period of validity: 25-45 working days.



30% deposit against the contract by T/T should be paid before the order;

70% balance should be paid off by T/T after inspection before delivery;


10-25 working days after received the down payment;


The Buyer could dispatch their operators to the Seller’s factory for training, including machine operation, maintenance & simple repairs;

Or against the requests of the Buyer, the Seller’s technician could train the Buyer’s operators in the Buyer’s factory in the periods of installing & adjusting;

The training is free of charge;


The Buyer should make a reservation in advance before delivery of the machines;

The Buyer should pay for the engineer’s visa application cost, round air tickets, food & board before his departure; And pay USD 100/day to engineer.


The guarantee time is one year after the machines normally works in the Buyer’s factory, if only the problem is cause due to quality control or any reason by the Seller. We will supply replaced parts free of charge and our engineers will guide you how to solve the problems.

Any problems caused due to irregular operation or incorrect maintenance by the Buyer won’t be listed in guarantee coverage.

Main Parameters:

1. Raw water tank

 Model: 1T

 Volume: 1m³

 Material: SUS304 stainless steel—Made in china

 Thickness: stainless steel

 Usage: storage water

 2. Multi-medium filter

 Model: JDL-1

 Height: 2000mm

 Diameter: 400mm

 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade)—Made in china.

 Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, valves and so on.

 Filter medium: Sand

 Usage: It is mainly used to remove Plankton, Moss, Suspension, and Colloid and so on.

 Filtering volume: 1m³/h

3Active carbon filter

 Model: HML-1

 Height: 2000mm

 Diameter: 400mm

 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade) with mirror surface—Made in china.

 Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, valves and so on.

 Medium: Shuck shape active carbon

 Usage: It is mainly used to remove strange smell, chlorine, chloride, organic mater and heavy mental, lower color and optimize water quality.

 Treating volume: 1m³/h

 4Sodium-ion filter

 Model: SNJ-1

 Height: 2000mm

 Diameter: 400mm

 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade)—Made in china.

 Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, strong            acid exchanging resin, solution measurement, valves and so on.

 Medium: Strong acid exchanging resin

 Usage: It is mainly used to remove the calcium and magnesium ion.

 Treating volume: 1m³/h

5Precision filter

 Model: JML-1

 Height: 1200mm

 Diameter: 320mm

 Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade )—Made in china

 Filter precision: 5μm

 Usage: It is mainly used to remove the tiny impurity.

 Treating volume: 1m³/h

 Open the filter to remove the impurity.

6. Hollow Ultra filtration

Water yield: 1T/H   PH value: 1-13   working temperature: 5-45

 working pressure:≤0.15   overall size:680*330*1750mm

 7. pump

 Model: CDL1-10

 Material: Pump body stainless steel SUS304                           

 Flow: 1m³/H

 Flow length: 32m

8. 2t water tank



Material304stainless steel



Weight: 400kg

Juice drink mixing system

This system is used to mix water, suger and fruit juise concentrate, turning them into juice drink and preparing it for filling.

1. Sugar melting pot  1T

Usage: the sugar melting pot is used for melting the sugar into syrup through heating and stirring to meet the process requirement. It is widely used in production of fruit juice and carbonated drink.

Main parameter:

Model: CTNYTYH-1000

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 500 kilograms one time

Diameter: 850mm

Height: 1700mm       

Framework material: SUS304 Stainless steel

2. Mixing tank


Usage: the mixing tank is used for mixing water, fruit juice penetrate, and syrup together through stirring.

Main parameters:

Model: PL-1000

Quantity: 2 pieces

Capacity: 1000 kilograms one piece one time

Diameter: 1000mm

Height: 2150mm

Framework material: Stainless steel 304

 3. Double filter

Usage: The double filter are used to flit fresh milk, sugar fluid, drink, liquid cement, Chinese medicine fluid etc to remove each kind of slight pellet impurity in liquid accurately. The two flitting drums can work simultaneously or carry on the filtration in turn, changing flitting net without turning off the machine, especially suitable in the continuous production. It has advantages like flitting quick, low cost, easy operation etc.

Main parameters:

Model: ZHP-1

Quantity: 1 piece

Overall size: 250*800*1200mm

Framework material: SUS304

 4Buffer tank

Main parameters:

Model: WSG-500

Quantity: 3 pieces

Volume: 500L

Material: SUS304 

5. High pressure homogenizer

Usage: The GJB stretch high pressure homogenizer is a widely used device for homogenization of liquid and materials. It is widely used in the fields of dairy product, drinks, edible chemical medicine and biological technology. The material and liquid is homogenized under high pressure so as to reduce the delaminating and increase the pureness, looseness of the material and liquid to improve the quality of mixture.

Main parameters:

Model: GJB40-1

Rated pressure: 25 Mpa

Rated flow: 2 m³/h

Suitable material: liquid such as milk, soy milk, oil

Material temperature: ≤85℃

Pipe diameter of inlet orifice: ¢25mm

Pipe diameter of discharge hole: ¢15mm

 Motor power: 11kw

 Overall size L*W*H: 1030*680*1120mm

 Weight: 1000

 6.  Vacuum deaerator

Usage: the vacuum deaerator is an indispensable piece of equipment in the production line of juice and tea. It is mainly used for the deaeration of homogenized juice in vacuum so as to avoid the oxidation to prolong its preservation.

Main parameters:

Model: TQ-1000

Quantity: 1 piece

Treatment capacity: 2000 kg/h

Framework material: stainless steel

7. Ultra-temperature instantaneous sterilizer

Usage: The ultra-temperature instantaneous sterilizer is used to sterilize to the juice by instantaneous super-temperature heating. The temperature will reach between 115℃ and 135℃, so the effect of sterilization is very good. And the time of sterilization is very short so that the product keeps high quality. It is widely used in the production of frech milk, soybean milk, juice, beverage, and so on.

 Main parameters: 

 Quantity: 1 piece

 Capacity: 2 ton per hour

 Framework material: Stainless steel 304

10. Insulation tank

Main parameters:

Quantity: 2 pieces

Volume for one tank: 1000L

Framework material: SS304

Filling and packing system

1. Washing machine

 working pressure:2000-3000B/H

Diameter of bottle:¢60-¢100mm

Height of bottle:160-320mm


Overall dimensions:1100×1100×1800mm


2. Pressure filling machine

working pressure:2000-3000B/H

Height of bottle:160-300mm


Overall dimensions:900×900×1800mm


3. Automatic Capping Machine


working pressure:2000B/H

Diameter of bottle:¢50-¢100mm

Height of bottle:150-320mm


Overall dimensions:900×700×1900mm


Blowing dryer

Usage: the blowing dryer is used for remove water on the bottle after filling, the air is cleaned by the special blower, and the wind is even.

Main parameter:

1) Capacity: 3000 bottles per hour

2) Power consumption: 3 kw

3) Overall dimension (L*W*H): 700*500*400mm

4) Framework material: SS304


Ink jet coder


1. Kinds of spray letter: number, English, Chinese, simple picture, logo etc.

2. Advanced ink viscidity inspissations system and accurate software control can make sure the thickness of in supplying.

3. More than 90% parts are imported ensure the steady performance.

Model: FPM

Lattice range: 5*7, 7*9, 16*16, 16*24, 24*24

Printer lines: 1-3line(English ,number and other character)

Letter height: 1.5-15mm

Spray speed: 8m/s


 Turned-up bottle sterilizer


Usage: the turned-up bottle sterilizer is used for sterilizing to the caps inside after filling. When working, it turn up the bottle in the angle 96 or 110 degree in the process of transporting bottle, and the beverage sterilize to the cap inside with its high temperature (higher than 80℃) after filling. The sterilizing time can be adjusted in the scope of 30-40 seconds as requirement. It adopts imported stainless steel chain and enduring high temperature plastic chain board. With the excellent features of compacted structure, convenient operation, and saving energy, this kind of machine is the best choice for fruit juice, tea drink hot filling cap sterilization.

Main parameters:

Model: DP-6

 Capacity: 4000 bottles per hour

 Power consumption: 1.1kw

 Overall dimension L*W*H: 6000*700*1200mm

 Weight: 900 kilograms

Cooling bottle machine


 Usage: the cooling bottle machine is manufactured adopting advanced technology at home and abroad. It is used for cooling the bottled fruit juice, tea drink after filling, making it reach the normal temperature and cleaning up the other matters on the surface of bottles.

 Main parameters:

 Model: LP-4

 Capacity: 4000 bottles per hour

 Power consumption: 5.5kw

 Overall dimension: 4000*2000*1500mm


Manual sleeving-label table and shrinking label channel

Usage: the sleeving label table is used for store the bottles when the workers sleeving the labels on the bottles, then when the bottles with label go through the channel, they will be heated then be fixed on the bottles.

 Maim parameter:

 Capacity: 3000 bottles per hour

 Sleeving-label-by-hand table size: Length: 2000mm Width: 750mm

 Label material: pvc/pet

 Boiler power: 12kw

 Shrinking label channel length: 2m

 Framework material for the two: stainless steel

 Semi-auto PE film packing machine


 Usage: the machine is used for packing bottled water, drink, or canned drink into a pack with PE film. When the pack is finished by hand, coming through the machine, it will be pack solid. Don’t need backing board or paper plate when packing, it will save the cost of packing. It is widely used in production of mineral water, pure water, soft drink, beer, juice and so on.


1) Unique thermal passage with 2 sets of centrifugal thermal air circulation system that has an equal heat distribution with beautiful and secure shrinkage effect.

2)3 layers of heat insulation treatment with good insulating property, quick temperature rise and energy saving.

3) The enhanced cooling shaping passage can quickly turn the packaging membrane into high strength status that is conveniently stored and transported.

4) It is easy to change the packaging combination and bottle type to integrate the multi-function into one machine


Pure water filling production line
Tea drinks production line
Tea juice hot filling production line
Sparkline beverage filling production line
Water treatment equipment
Barreled drinking water production
Single Filling Machine Equipment
Sparling Beverage filling auxiliary machinery
Juice hot Filling auxiliary machinery

Tea production line and technology
Tea Juice Production Line 2000B/H 500ml PET bottle
Tea Drink Line 3000-4000B/H 500ml PET Bottle
Tea Production Line 4000B/H(500ml PET Bottle)
Tea Production Line 6000-7000B/H (500ml PET Bottle)
Tea Production Line 8000-9000B/H (500ml PET Bottle)
Tea Production Line 10000-12000B/H (500ml PET Bottle)


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