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Water treatment equipment

Uitra Filtration Equipment For Mineralized Water And Spring Water

Hollow ultrafiltration
Ultrafiltration is usually used for making mineral water, spring water, is a pressure-driven, the use of ultrafiltration membranes with different pore liquid separation process in the magazine. Currently in the water treatment industry, polysulfone and polypropylene hollow fiber module applications up to.

Two-stage Osmosis Purifying Water Equipment

Two-stage reverse osmosis
Raw water (tap water, surface water, groundwater) pressure to the pretreatment system coarse filter, and then into the precision filter filtered through a high-pressure pump pressure to the reverse osmosis system, which outputs the water and then by two high-pressure pumps to the two osmotic pressure reverse osmosis system to produce product water, known as two-stage reverse osmosis. Two-stage reverse osmosis for conductivity greater than 500μs/cm of water quality, water conductivity1 -10μs/cm

One-stage Osmosis Purifying Water Equipment

Single-stage reverse osmosis
Raw water (tap water, surface water, groundwater) after pretreatment system, precision, high-pressure pump raw water through a reverse osmosis unit to direct the produced water is called a single-stage reverse osmosis.
Production stage reverse osmosis for water 500μs/cm conductivity less than, the water conductivity1-10μs/cm


Pure water filling production line
Tea drinks production line
Tea juice hot filling production line
Sparkline beverage filling production line
Water treatment equipment
Barreled drinking water production
Single Filling Machine Equipment
Sparling Beverage filling auxiliary machinery
Juice hot Filling auxiliary machinery

Tea production line and technology
Tea Juice Production Line 2000B/H 500ml PET bottle
Tea Drink Line 3000-4000B/H 500ml PET Bottle
Tea Production Line 4000B/H(500ml PET Bottle)
Tea Production Line 6000-7000B/H (500ml PET Bottle)
Tea Production Line 8000-9000B/H (500ml PET Bottle)
Tea Production Line 10000-12000B/H (500ml PET Bottle)


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