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Chocolate Pouring Production Line

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Chocolate Pouring Production Line

Use:pure chocolate, central filled chocolate,layered chocolate and nuts filled chocolate

Model :CTNYQYH110/111/112/113

Capacity:0.5-1.5ton/8h, 0.8-2.5ton/8h, 0.8-2.5ton/8h, 0.8-2.5ton/8h

  Product Description  


This machine is a special advanced equipment for chocolate pouring forming, it gathers mechanical control .electric control. Air control all in one. Full automatic work program is applied through-out the flow of production including mold drying, pour vibration, cooling, de-molding and conveyance.

This machine can produce pure chocolate. with filling and two-color chocolate .The products enjoy attractive appearance and smooth surface, The products enjoy attractive appearance and smooth surface.

The machine may accurately fix the feed quantity. lt is really ideal equipment for production high-grade chocolate.


Total Electric Power: 21KW 30KW
Working Condition:
20-25℃ 20-25℃
Chocolate weight:
Pure chocolate : 2.5-512g
Centre filled chocolate:15-40g
Total Machine Weight: 5250kg 6950kgs
Total Machine Size: 16.7*1.12*2.5m 19.85*1.21*3.5m
Mould Size: 280*200*30 and 300*225*30mm 280*200*30 and 300*225*30mm



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