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Taoyuan tea

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Taoyuan Black tea

Taoyuan black tea, a specialty of Taoyuan County, Changde City, Hunan Province, is a national geographical indication of agricultural products.

Taoyuan County is located in the northwest of Hunan Province  , Its geographical conditions and hydrometeorological environment are suitable for the cultivation and production of Taoyuan black tea. Taoyuan red tea is characterized by large leaves, soft texture, strong color, more hairiness, jade color, fragrant smell and long aftertaste  。

On March 31, 2016, the former Ministry of agriculture of the people's Republic of China officially approved the registration and protection of agricultural geographical indications for "Taoyuan black tea".

Product characteristics of Taoyuan black tea

Taoyuan red tea has large leaves, soft texture, strong color and many hairs  。 The shape of the tea is tight, fine and even, the color is black and oily, the leaf bottom is tender and soft, the red is even, and the phenomenon of "Turbid after cold" is obvious  。

Taoyuan black tea has good polyphenol oxidase activity, reasonable catechin composition, strong, fresh taste. 5%, theaflavins 0. 7%, thearubicin 5. 0%, soluble sugar 2. 6%  , The content of tea polyphenols was 35%, and the content of amino acids was 8.56%, which was more than twice that of conventional tea    。

Origin and environment of Taoyuan black tea

Taoyuan County is located in the northwest of Hunan Province  , Taoyuan black tea planting area is located in the recognized north latitude 30 ° Tea production zone. Taoyuan County is suitable for tea tree growth because of its continuous mountainous area, dense streams, rich soil pine, deep soil layer, rich soil and high organic matter content  。

The forest coverage rate of Taoyuan County is 65.47%. The Yuanjiang River flows through the territory for 99 kilometers, and its good water quality is beneficial to tea planting    。

Taoyuan County is located in the transition from the middle subtropical to the north subtropical, which belongs to the humid climate of the middle subtropical monsoon. It is characterized by four distinct cold and hot seasons, and two distinct dry and wet seasons. The annual average temperature distribution is between 16.0 ℃ and 16.5 ℃ except for the southern and Northwest Mountainous Areas. Taoyuan black tea planting area is located in the northern end of Xuefeng mountain and the edge of rainy area with Anhua County as the center. The rainfall decreases from south to north. The annual average precipitation is 1447.9 mm, the annual average relative humidity is 82%, the annual sunshine hours is 1531.4 hours, the annual average sunshine rate is 5%, and the frost free period is 283 days, which is suitable for the growth of tea trees  。

Regional protection scope of Taoyuan black tea

The geographical indications of Taoyuan black tea include Xi'an town, taipingpu Town, guniushan Town, chaanpu Town, Yangxiqiao Town, shaping Town, Siping Town, Luhuatan Town, zhengjiayi Town, xinglongjie Town, Lingjintan Town, Taohuayuan town and Zhangjiang Town. The geographical coordinates are 110 E ° 51′14.8″~111 ° 31 ′ 44.1 ″, 28 n ° 24′29.7″~28 ° 56′18.7″。







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