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Carbon Dioxide Drink production line

Brief introduction of  YY-DCGF series Pressure Filling Machine

YY-DCGF three-in-one filling machine is suitable for carbonated beverage filling. This machine has three functions as washing, filling and capping into one, fully automated, appropriate for PET bottles, PET bottle carbonated beverage equipment. It can applicable to all kinds of bottle type, using card technology bottleneck, conveyor for bottles only to send chain height adjustment, easy to operate. Filling method uses a new type of micro-pressure filling. Filling faster, more stable, and similar devices, this machine offers higher yields and low failure rate. It has the advantage of cost-effective.

Main technical parameter

Model YY-DCGF18-18-6 YY-DCGF24-24-8 YY-DCGF32-32-12 YY-DCGF40-40-15 YY-DCGF50-50-18
Production capacity (500ml) 5000-6000 6000-7000 8000-9000 10000 11000
Filling Precision ܡ5mm
Filling Pressure 0.4
PET Bottle Size bottle diameter: 50-100, bottle height:150-310
Suitable Cap Size Plastic screw cap
Power (KW) 3.1 3.1 5.6 7.5 9
Weight (kg) 3500 4500 5500 9000 12000
Overall Dimension (mm) 2400x1900x2300 2800x2100x2300 4200x2300x2300 5000x2800x2400 5900x3100x2400

Technical parameter of YY-GD Series Isobaric Filling Machine

Model YY-GD-8 YY-GD-12 YY-GD-18
Production capacity 1500-2000B/H 2000-3000B/H 4000-5000B/H
Bottle/Can Type glass bottle, PET bottle, pop-top bottle
Filling Pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa
Filling Temperature 2-6
Power 1.5KW 1.1KW 1.5KW
Overall Dimension 1060x1200x2000mm 1300x1150x1980mm 1520x1300x1820mm
Weight 1000KG 1300KG 1800KG

YY-Cans production line

Purpose: The production line is designed for bottling carbonated beverage in different combinations to be applied in different glass bottles, cans, and PET bottles. The production line is composed of the washing machine, isobaric filling machine, sealing machine, and conveying system. Production capacities are 2,000 cans/hour, 4000 cans/hour, 6000 cans/hour.

YY-Gas Drink Production Line

Usage:This line is especially designed for carbon dioside drink.By all sorts of constiute if can fit for typical glass bottles,pop-top cans,PET bottles,All the line is made by washing machinery,converying system.The production capacity is (take 500ml as esample)2000B/H,4000B/H,6000B/H.

YY-Cold Drink Water Tank and Refrigerator

The tank contains compressor using Freon F-22 aser frigerant, and temperature regulator for automatic controlling. It is necessary equipment for gas drink production industry.

Main Technical Parameter

Cold drink tank model YY-LY2000 YY-LY3000 YY-LY4000

Compressor model

2F-10 4F-10 4F-10
Tank volume (m3) 2 3 4
Vapouring area (m3) 11 20 20
Refrigerating capacity (kg/h) 58520 117040 117040
Water output (kg/h) 2000 3000 4000
Output water temperature () 3-8 3-8 3-8
Power (KW) 11 22 22
Overall dimension (mm) 2200x1200x1800 2200x1250x1800 2500x1500x1800
Weight (kg) 1230 1250 1500

YY-QJ-C Carbon Dioxide Filter

YY-QJ-C carbon dioxide filter is applied to improve purity of CO2 and separate impurity.
Production capacity (kg / h) :6-10kg / h
Dimensions Overall dimensions (mm): 500 410 1400
Weight Weight (Kg): 80kg

YY-TL Type syrup cooler

The TL type syrup cooler cools syrup to1-5 through refrigerator.

YY-QHS Series Drink Mixer

Characteristics: YY-QHS series drink mixer is designed and made for improving the proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. It adopts foreign advanced technology static mixer to lighten water layer, increase carbonizing time, assure mixing result. It adopts high quality water pump and SIEMENS electrical equipment and other parts to form complete automatic control system. It has coordinating action, beautiful appearance, convenient washing, high automatic level and other advantages. It is suitable for mixing all kinds of drink, such as soda water, fruit juice, cola and hard drinks.

Model YY-QHS-1500 YY-QHS-3000 YY-QHS-4000 YY-QHS-6000
Production capacity 1500KG/H 3000KG/H 4000KG/H 6000KG/H
Carbon dioxide content 2.5 2.6 2.5 2.5
Inlet temperature of the chilled water 3-6 3-6 3-6 3-6
Power 1.1KW 2.42KW 3.1KW 4KW
Overall dimension 1200x1000x1800 1500x1000x2000 1660x1000x2000 1900x1200x2100
Weight 200KG 350KG 400KG 500KG



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