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 Rice Series Machinery


  • Rotary cultivator

  • Introduction

The engine is matched with above 100 horsepower large tractors,using high box,circular arc gear transmission,used for paddy field,dry rotary tillage.

  • Specifications

Produce name:1GQN-300 type rotary cultivator
Serial number:ZDJ-0006
The tilling amplitude:3.00m
Rotary tillage depth:10-16cm



  • Transplanter


  • Specifications

Product model: PF455S the spread of seedlings of 2 wheel 3 floating plate
Driving wheel: rubber lug wheel
Size(LxWxHcm): 245x148x84.95
Weight(kg): 170
Normal rated power(power / speed): 2.3/3,600
Fuel consumption(g/ps.hr): 303
Transplanting ability (mu/hour): 2-3
Line number: 4 rows of parallel type
Spacing (CM): 30 (fixed)
Point number: 3~5 strain (standard, regulation type)
Number (3.3 square meters each):70/80/90
Spacing (CM):14.6/13/11.7



  • Irrigation machine

  • Introduction

HW type irrigation pump have two type:diesel engine drive and motor drive.the pump is a horizontal, single stage, single suction, volute mixed flow pump.Suitable for conveying water, river water, water or physical, chemical properties similar to water and other liquids. Transported liquid temperature not higher than 50≧.Widely used for farmland irrigation, industry and city water supply and drainage and so on.


  • Specifications

Product name:NongTian irrigation pump
Product model:HW
Drive mode:manual
Flow rate:180-18700m3/h



  • Weeder

  • Specifications

Product name:3ZC-1.4 type suspension type cultivator
Serial number:ZH-0004
Supporting power:12-18HP four-wheel tractor


  • Spraying machine


  • Introduction

Suspension type spraying machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple to use-reducing overhang-copy frame with baffle, a deep groove and the central beater spraying box(Porter type spraying machine)-washing trough, manual cleaner,liquid mixer and easy to use valve group(Porter type spraying machine)and the spray rod folding into the cab, accessibility(type Porter)-foldable spray bar open device can be customized-easy connecting additional devices.

  • Specifications

Product Name: suspension type spraying machine
Spray tank capacity (L):600,800,1000/800,1000,1200/1000,1200/1000,1200
Control device:DPM manual,general electric device,disconnecting device,all electrical apparatus/DPMDPM,DPAE/DPAE
Circulatory system:intermittent/intermittent/intermittent/semi-continuous or continuous
Spray bar width(m):10,12,15,16,18/12,15,16,18/15,16,18,20,21/18,21,24
Spray bar type:Steel/steel(suspension device(optional)/steel/aluminum suspension device is optional
Spray bar folding:manual,hydraulic backward overlap/manual or hydraulic backward overlap/hydraulic,folded forward/hydraulic, folded forward
Spray bar is fixed:rod/bar/rod/pendulum



  • Harvester

  • Specifications

Product Name: DongYang HL6060 type rice harvester
Product type: HL6060
Size(LxWxH)(mm): 4500x1905x2280
Weight(kg): 2910
Speed: forward 0~2.43 m/sec
             back 0~2.43 m/sec
Cutting line number:4
Speed changing gear:2 gear synchronous transmission
Cutting width: 1400~1500

Feeding depth control mode: electrical(automatic, manual)

Lodging adaptability:smooth cut 85 degrees,70 degrees reverse cutting

Engine name: DB33- ELMAC
            Form: water cooled4 stroke4cylinder diesel engine
            The total exhaust volume(CC):3268
            Fuel oil:diesel fuel
            Fuel tank capacity (L):65
From the drum rotational speed(r.p.m):rice, wheat:542,480.
Processing drum rotational speed (r.p.m): rice, wheat:1468,1298.
Grain unloading device (capacity: bag): inside the funnel:5, port of discharge:3.
The 7.5part(walking track width * length)(mm):450* 1520
Center to center distance(mm):1000

Transmission type: hydraulic stepless speed(H.S.T)
Straw discharging/processing device: chopper, dispersing device
Harvesting capacity (mu/h):+7.5



  • Grain drier


  • Introduction

The machine is suitable for rice, corn, wheat and other grain drying, using coal or straw as fuel, to solve the problem of grain storage and sales.


  • Specifications

Product Name:5HTJ-1.0/2.0 grain dryer
Number: GZJ-0001Products: Bonong
Efficiency: rice 20 tons /day
                 wheat 20 tons/day
                 maize 8-12 tons/day
Installed electricity capacity:5.4-8.3KW







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