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Vegetable plant Line


Name of Products Pictures Brief Introduction
Tomato seeds Cultivation: Should be high fat cultivation. Enough base fertilizer, fertilizer early, and pay attention to calcium, magnesium, boron and other trace elements. For early planting, pruning promotes a single shot; make prolonged cultivation.
Broccoli seeds  Broccoli appropriately selected soil deep, fertile, well-drained sandy loam cultivation. After soil tillage Shizujifei acres of organic fertilizer 1000 kg, 50 kg of fertilizer, superphosphate or calcium magnesium phosphate 25 kg, 10 kg of urea, boric acid 1 kg.
Celery seeds Celery vegetables are cold, but the long-day conditions at low temperature, light cycle by bolting, thus enhancing the light and temperature management is extremely important.
Cucumber seeds Cucumber is indeterminate vegetables in the greenhouse seedlings from planting to pull about 7-9 months, high yield, the amount of absorption of nutrients is also large. Cucumbers for fertile soil. So heavy organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer is appropriate for high yield of cucumber.
Onion seeds


After sowing sure to keep the seedbed moist to prevent soil panel junction affect seed germination and emergence. After the seedlings grow until the first true leaves, watering can only be properly controlled. Generally after sowing the seedlings watered excavated to 2 to 3 times.

Greens seeds


Growth period is particularly important to prevent the growth of excessive speed caused Ye, strong stems spirit can spray the plant stem stem, leaves thick, tender leaves, lush plants, natural taste thick. At the same time enhance the anti-disaster capacity, reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers.

Pepper seeds


Planting and planting density. Seedlings grow to 4 to 5 true leaves, ground temperature above 15 ℃, selected fine weather colonization. When planting, planting time pouring water. Planting density according to the length of time and the cultivation of different planting varies.

Equipments for green house

Name of Products Pictures Technical Parameter Brief Introduction
Plastic shed framework All data are approximation for reference Low prices, high strength, water resistance, corrosion resistance anti-aging, long life and many other advantages. The greenhouses smooth surface, not because of friction with the studio Xun bad films, thermally non-conductive, non baked film, affected by temperature coefficient is small, easily deformed, good toughness.
Metal grouting film

All data are approximation for reference

1. the product has no special fog Majesty. Thereby reducing greenhouse humidity, inhibiting the number of bacteria, reduce the incidence of crop, can improve product quality and quality of crops.
2. dripping good effect. Advanced production technology will not drip attached to the inner wall of plastic sheeting, so that the product dripping time up to nine months or more.


CTNSHG-IV Mobile irrigation machine


Flow: 3000 (m3 / h) Model: shG-Iv
Head: 35 (m) Speed​​: 6000 (r / min)
Motor Power: 2.6 (Kw) inlet / outlet diameter: 2 (inches) Displacement: 100 (cc)
Fuel tank capacity: 2 (L) Self-priming time: 12 (min / m)

Irrigation machine host with hot-dip galvanized steel production, electrical components sealed with glass, steel, polycarbonate keyboard, polyurethane wheels. Irrigation machine running on a track suspended from the top of the greenhouse irrigation operations, so that the largest acreage, reducing the greenhouse effect on other jobs, improve the utilization of the greenhouse

Plant Protection

Name of Products Pictures Technical Parameter Brief Introduction
compound fertilizer Total nutrient content ≥: 40 (%) phosphorus content ≥: 8 (%) Moisture content ≤: 2 (%)
Particle size: 90 (%) active ingredient content: NPK effective potassium content ≥: 12 (%)
Dosage: 50 (kg / mu) total nitrogen content ≥: 20 (%)
Fertilizer with a high nutrient content, sub-components and less good physical properties, etc., for balanced fertilization, improve fertilizer use efficiency, promote crop of high and stable yield has a very important role.

Formulation: Powder effective content ≥: 4 (%)
Active ingredient: complex bacteria
Uses: Common crops Brand: Yi Yuan
The amount :80-120 kg / mu (g / ha)

Destructive divided by function and selective herbicides commonly used varieties of organic compounds. It can be widely used to control farmland, orchards, flower nurseries, grasslands and non-arable land, railway lines, rivers, reservoirs, warehouses and other weeds, miscellaneous irrigation, Zashu other harmful plants.



The product uses advanced coating technology to extend the persistence of pesticides to improve the safety of products on the environment. Has a contact and stomach poison, insecticide, etc. within the suction effect, long duration, a broad spectrum insecticide. The product toxic to humans and animals, prohibited the use on fruit trees, vegetables, tea, tobacco, medicines and other crops.
In the field use is strictly prohibited watered spray. Spraying should be prepared within three months of warning signs to prevent livestock feeding into the spraying, spraying weeds can not be used for feed, to avoid poisoning of livestock deaths.


Vegetable packaging

Name of Products Pictures Technical Parameter Brief Introduction
CTNJG-SZ1200 plastic box making machine Motor power: 1.5 (KW) forming area: 430 * 160 (mm)
Applicable materials: PA, PE, PS, PC, EVA, PVC
Weight: 800 (kg) Maximum forming depth: 54 (mm)
Production capacity :10-32 times / min (kg / h)
Dimensions: 1500 × 700 × 2200 (mm)
For plastic junction box, you can choose JG-SZ1200, 1680,1800 equipment, one two, one minute out of eight. Replacement of mold can also produce other plastic products. "Through good" series plastic injection molding injection is the essence of international trade, the digestion and absorption combined with national conditions developed its own standard models.
Vegetable Package

Model: CTNYL-007
Width: 115 (mm)
Height: 45 (mm)
plastic varieties: PVC
Wall thickness: 5 (mm) Length: 170 (mm)
Uses: Vegetables and fruit packaging

This kind of package has a complete and scientific quality management system. Integrity, strength and quality of products iQuorum Packaging Products Co., recognized by the industry.


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