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Sugar Production line

 Massecuite boiling equipment

Enforced circulation vacuum pan
The enforced circulation vacuum pan has an interior stirring device to force the massecuite to circulate inside, so that the heat transfer coefficient and evaporation intensity are improved and the speed of crystallizing is increased.


Syrup leaf filter
Syrup leaf filter


Magma Remelter
Magma Remelter


Syrup Flotation Clarifier

It is used for clarification and removing impurities of the syrup from evaporators to obtain the clarified syrup with high purity. It is mainly comprised of clarifier body, syrup entering device, clarified syrup discharge device and scum scraper device etc. The syrup needs to be bubbled with airing device before it enters the clarifier to help the impurities and added flocculant become bubbled scum to float up rapidly and separate from the clarified syrup. The air bubbling device and flocculant adding system belong to the accessories of this clarifier, which are not in the scope of this equipment.

Specifications: TSF3400 ~ TSF4000

Processing capacity (m3/h) : 32 ~ 59


Pneumatic Conveying Tank
It is used for being in stead of magma and molasses pumps of sugar factories and makes use of compressed air to convey magma and molasses.
1. It has vertical and horizontal types with manhole, compressed air inlet, material inlet and outlet, safe device and pressure indicator respectively.
2. It belongs to class - I pressure vessel.
Specification and type: TQG0.6 ゛ TQG2.5


Batch horizontal Crystallizer
It is classified into air-cooling type TZL Crystallizer and water-cooling type TZL Crystallizer. Generally, TSL Crystallizer is utilized for storage of A massecuite, also for B massecuite in some sugar factories. Usually, TSL Crystallizer is used for low-class massecuite (B and C massecuites) for further crystallizing.
1.The structures of TZL and TSL Crystallizers are basically the same. Both of them are U-shaped and horizontal structures respectively. It is comprised of trough body, gearing and stirring devices etc. There is a cooling coiled tube on the stirring device of TSL Crystallizer.
2.TZL Crystallizers are adopted by the sugar factories abroad with continuous vacuum pan, which the trough body is covered and used as receivers of massecuite, magma and seeds.




Vacuum Seed Tank
It is used for storing seeds for boiling and is comprised of tank body, gearing, stirring device and discharge valve. The tank body is a horizontal and enclosed cylindrical structure. The gear motor drives stirrer via a worm reducer to keep the seed stored in the tank not to settle down.
Specification and type: TZK4 ゛ TZK40


Batch vacuum Pan
Majority of the batch vacuum pans is vertical calandria. It is also classified into Q-type, TXG- type and forced circulating pans.
1.The calandria of Q-type pan is a flat tube plate-shaped structure. There is a centre down take with interior massecuite circulation. Its structure is simpler with good circulation.
2. The calandria of TXG-type pan is a suspended one with inclined tube plates. There is a centre down take with interior and outside massecuite circulation. It is easy for massecuite to be discharged and the condensate to be drained completely, but the structure is complicated and seeding volume is larger.


Vertical crystallizer
1. The imported new technology of this continuous crystallization equipment can be used for crystallization of ^C ̄ massecuite in stead of TSL individual crystallizers.
2. Even temperature falling, automatic control, steady and reliable process with good result of crystallization.
3. Compared with TSL individual crystallizers, it covers a less area of the floor with large processing capacity.
4. Available volume: 100 C 350 m3


Continuous vacuum pan
It has the features of energy saving, full automatic control, shortening the boiling time and crystal uniformity etc. so that the quality of massecuite is improved, labor intensity is decreased and working conditions are improved.
Seamless steel tube, stainless steel welded tube and brass tube etc. can be chosen as heating tubes. The method of tube-plate connection can be expansion or welding.








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