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Juice clarification and evapor

Semi-rising -film Evaporator (Kestner Evaporator)
1. A new technology of Semi-Kestner evaporator (semi-rising film) was introduced from South Africa by our company. At present, it is widely used for Effects I & II in the sugar factories abroad.
2. It has the features of good heat transfer and short retention time of liquor. Usually, the juice liquor goes through the heating surface for just one time and is discharged without flowing back.
3. It is equipped with the latest louver scrubber developed by our company to reduce entrainment effectively.


Plate evaporator
1. Since it has a special plate-type structure, the high heating transfer coefficient can be reached under the state of lower temperature difference (@t).
2. Since the retention time is short, the syrup color formation is reduced.
3. The cost for peripheral equipment, such as circulation pumps and power consumption is lower.
4. The required install space is very small and the weight is very light.
5. Since the plate is standard design, its installation can be completed quickly.



It is used for thickening the clarified juice into syrup and can be comprised of several evaporators to form a multi-effect evaporating system. The structure and type widely used in sugar factories is TYZ evaporator (Roberts evaporator), TWX type (outside circulation evaporator), new type of semi-rising film and falling film evaporators.

1. It consists of vapor space, calandria, bottom and a entrainment separator above.

2. Seamless steel tubes, welded tubes of stainless steel and brass tubes can be selected as heating tubes. The method of connection between the heating tubes and tube plates can be expanding or welding.


TWX Type Evaporator

Down-take of TWX type evaporator is located outside the heating calandria so more heating tubes can be arranged and its structure is more compact. The steam entered the calandria is more uniform with high heating transfer coefficient.

TBZ Type Evaporator

1.  The structure is simple, easy to manufacture and reliable to operate.

2.  Convenient to remove the scales.

3.  It is mostly used for beet sugar factories.


Clothless Vacuum Filter

The Clothless Vacuum Filter, a new generation of the mud juice filtering equipment, was designed and made by our company in 1998 after the wide research on the basis of the similar model abroad. It has the merits of non-waste water discharge, low polarization of filtered mud, continuous operation, high processing efficiency and production capacity etc. It can also be used for separation of suspension in other industries.

It mainly consists of drum, common chamber, mud washing device, mud juice trough, stirrer, gearing and filtered mud unloading device. The imported stainless steel filter sieve is adopted with long life and durability.

Specification: TWB25 ~ TWB85

Nominal filtering area (m2): 25 ~85


Rapid Clarifier
It is a new juice clarification technology introduced by our company from Australia suitably to be used for foreign modernization sugar factories and update or extension of domestic sugar factories.
1. Short retention time of juice
2. Advanced process control
3. Lower color and higher purity of clarified juice with less bagacillo remained
4. Less quantity and higher concentration of discharge mud
5. Higher processing capacity and convenient operation management



It is used for decreasing higher steam temperature to suitable temperature.

1、It has two structures. One is vertical type, the other is tubular type. The tubular one is mainly used for reducing the temperature of superheat steam and the vertical one is primarily used for decreasing the temperature of secondary steam.

2、It belongs to pressure vessel.


Vertical structure: 3030(H), 3200(H), 3850(H)

Tubular structure: 2720(L), 4000(L)



It is one of the main equipment for vacuum extraction of evaporator and boiling pan systems and is used for removing condensate steam and incondensable gases. There are two kinds of condensers. One is water ejecting TDP condenser, the other is barometric direct contact condenser.

1、The water ejecting TDP condenser mainly consists of water chamber, nozzles, steam chamber, throat etc. Its structure is simple. Incondensable gases are directly taken away by water stream. It needs less investment and is widely used in mid and small sized sugar factories but consumes more water. 

Specifications: TDP1.5 ~TDP20

2、The barometric direct contact condenser is primarily comprised of condenser body, top cover, division plate, conic bottom, tail pipe and water trap etc. The contact between water and steam in it is more sufficient. The incondensable gases are discharged by vacuum pump. Its structure is more compact. It is broadly used in both home and abroad sugar factories.

Specifications: TLN400 ~ TLN3000


Lime Slaker
1、Lime in slaker moves along with the spiral blade and is gradually slaked and becomes into lime milk after adding water.
2、It is a rotary structure. The slaker has TNL series and MIK type. 
3、For series of TNL, lime and water enter the drum from two ends respectively. 
4、For type of MIK, lime and water enter the drum from one end.


Neutralization Sulfitator
It is more universally used in domestic sugar factories with sulfurous acid process for the time being for neutralization and sulfitation of mixed juice and syrup. It is a vertical structure, classified into vertical multi-nozzle and vertical single-nozzle neutralization sulfitators.
Type and specifications of vertical multi-nozzle neutralization sulfitator: Φ450, Φ600
Production capacity: Mixed juice: 20 ~ 118 m 3 /h
                 Syrup: 11.3 ~ 22.5 m 3 /h
                 Thin juice with carbonating process: 64 m 3 /h
Type and specifications of vertical single-nozzle neutralization sulfitator: Φ450, Φ600
Production capacity: Mixed juice: 20 ~ 118 m 3 /h
                 Syrup: 11.3 ~ 22.5 m 3 /h
                 Thin juice with alkali process: 64 m 3 /h


Automatic Plate and Frame Filter Press
Automatic Plate and Frame Filter Press


TLG Series of Heaters
TLG Series of Heaters
These heaters are calandria type which use steam as heating source to heat sugar juice
The heater mainly consists of components of cylindrical body, upper and lower covers etc. If heating area of the heater is above 200 m 2, the upper and lower covers are opened and closed by cylinder.
Seamless steel tubes, welded tubes of stainless steel and brass tubes etc. can be used as heating tubes. Connecting between tube plates and tubes could be expanding or welding method.
TLG Series of Heaters are widely used in sugar factories.


It makes the solid particles suspended in sugar juice settle down and be separate under relativestatic condition to get clarified juice and mud juice. Usually, sugar factories use TDW and TDJ types of clarifiers. As the process control level of sugar factories is being improved, the rapid clarifiers widely used abroad are being introduced to domestic sugar factories.
1.The structure of TDW clarifier is simple without stirrer. It makes use of the incline of division plates to force the mud juice to be thickening and sliding off.  
2.TDJ clarifier has a stirrer. The juice can be evenly distributed to each of clarifying layer, but the retention time is longer.


Lime Elevator
This elevator is used to convey lime to the slaker. The working principle is that the reducer driven by motor makes the steel wire rope of windlass move with the lime bucket along the rails to convey the lime to the slaker.
Specifications: TSY1 ゛ TSY4
Elevated capacity 50 ゛ 120 kg /time


TDP Exhauster
This exhauster can substitute vacuum pump and can be used for removing air and condensate as suited equipment of TGR vacuum filter and seed tank to obtain vacuum. It consumes little more water.
Specifications: TDP0.5 ~ TDP8


Sand Catcher of Lime Milk
It makes use of inertia high frequency shaking screen to remove the sand and grit from milk of lime to obtain the better quality milk of lime.
The catcher consists of screen mesh, trough body, elastic arm, coarse rejected trough, high frequency oscillator, catcher base and motor etc.
Specification: TZD600




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