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Meat Processing Line



Name of Machine Pictures Technical Parameter Brief Introduction
Chopping machine  

Part No : CTNZB-40L

Reel diameter: 404mm
Tray Capacity: 5 liters
Reel speed: 16 r / min
Power: Single phase 220V/370W
Spindle speed: 1450 r / min
Weight: 60 kg
Dimensions: 550 * 430 * 520

Knife chopping speed, pan speed, turn the pot knife and cut the gap to achieve the best combination of product fineness makes chopping, heating up a small, chopping a short time, especially because of emulsification, the fine products of the intestine greatly enhanced the density and elasticity, the greatest degree of improved meat emulsifying effect, flexibility and sophistication.

Meat grinder  

Part No : CTNSZ-500

Motor power:. 5 5kw
Meat capacity: 500kg / h Voltage: 380V
Motor speed: 1460rpm Meat speed: 340rpm
Meat Specifications: 4,8,12,16 host size: 680 * 500 * 1020mm
Weight: about 350kg

Installation size: 1000 * 800 * 1200mm

When the use of working rotating cutting blade and blade shearing action on the formation of the orifice hole chopped raw meat, and the role of stress in the screw extruder, the raw material continuously from the plane. According to the different material properties and processing requirements, configure the appropriate tools and the plate can be processed into particles of different sizes to meet the technical requirements of the next process.

Bone cement machine


Part No:CTNGN-130

Power :11-15 (kw)
Voltage: 380 (V)

Category: Meat production line custom processing: 

Weight: 400 (kg) 
Scope: Meat processing equipment, snack food factory equipment Dimensions: 1350 × 1080 × 1550 (mm)



Usage: grinding livestock bone mud, mess, pigskin, cowhide, brown mud, mud shrimp, peanut paste, fruit puree, hummus, etc., can also be manufactured bone meal, spiced aniseed and other products.

Osteoclasts machine Part No. CTN/PGJ-360/420/480/660/720/910
Applicable materials: cattle, pigs, sheep and other hard bone
Application: Food
feed size :300-1000 (mm)
Power consumption :7.5-75 (kw)
Type: Impact Crusher
Discharge size :5-100 (mm) mm
Production capacity :0.4-10 (m3 / h) t / h
Made of stainless steel, non-polluting materials for processing, in full compliance with food hygiene standards, wear resistance, long life, easy to operate, easy to clean maintenance, low noise, a wide range of machine-processed products, is currently in the field of bone New products can be well maintained after its original material processing various nutrients, good preservation effect.
Meat dicer

Part No. :CTNDQJ-2000

Reciprocating knife Views: 41 beats / min
Fore hearth width: 460/500mm Master blade stroke: 220mm
Output Power: 5.5KW production of 4-5 t / h Motor speed: 1450 r / min Weight: 600KG

The machine can cut directly to -12 ℃ -18 ℃ all kinds of frozen meat without thawing, reducing the delay of time, avoiding the loss of whole meat in slow process of nutrients, the meat processing must essential equipment. It draws on similar foreign products of advanced technology, high production efficiency. Machine are made ​​of stainless steel blades made ​​of high quality alloy, sharp blade, good cutting effect.
vacuum packaging machine


Part No : CTNDZ-600/2S

Sealing length: 600mm*4

Sealing width: 490mm

Vacuuming time: 1-99s

Sealing time: 1-9.9s

Vacuum degree: <=200pa

Total power: up to 2.5kw

Pack capacity: 2-5 times/min

All vacuum packaging machine vacuum packaging machine is the most economical in price and most convenient to use, the lowest energy consumption of a model. Vacuum packing machine has only one studio, vacuum packaging machine working process is loaded bags of food, out of the air bag package, after reaching a predetermined degree of vacuum, complete the sealing process. Single-phase, three-phase motor type is optional.

    Price List

 Name of Product  FOB Price (USD)

CTNZB-40L chopping machine

CTNSZ-500 meat grinder  
CTNGN-130 Bone cement machine  
CTNPGJ-360 Osteoclasts machine  
CTNDQJ-2000 Meat dicer  
CTNDZ-600/2S vacuum packaging machine  


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