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Instant Noodle Production Line

Name of Machine Pictures Technical Parameter

Vacuum  Mixer

Productivity: 100-350kg/time (dry flour weight)

vacuum degree: -0.085MPa-0.07MPa

Dough quality: Max. adding water volume: 36%; water content of kneaded dough is even; error is less than 1%



Continuous Roller


Roller width: 765mm

No. of Dough sheet: 7 groups

Total power: 20.8kw

Machine weight 6800kg

Outline dimension: 6755X1250X1455mm




Continuous steam machine


Working temperature: 95-100

Steam pressure: 0.03Mpa(sturated)

Productivity: 450 pcs/min

Steaming time: ≥l35 Seconds

Steam consumption amount:

1300 ~ 1500kg

Speed of net belt: 15.0m/min

Outline dimension: 35000x1050x1130mm


Air cooling conveyor



Motor power: 1.5kw

Pull rod speed: 34 rod/min

Machine weight: 2500kg

Productivity: 450 pcs/min

Total power of air blowers: 11KW

Total power of exhaust fans: 8KW

Dimension: 15000X2020X1890mm


Frying machine


Working temperature: 200

RPM of main axis:14.lr/min

Noodles box spec.: according to the customer

Heat exchanger spec.:120

Elevator power: 2.2KW 50HZ

Machine weight: 14000KG


Cutting and dividing machine


RPM of Blade: 66 cuts/min

Machine weight: 1300kg

Pipeline pump: 25SG-4-20p-0.75kW

Productivity: 450pcs/min

Dimension: 6745x2440x1970mm

Engine power: 4.4KW


Automatic bag delivery machine

Engine power: 0.40KW

Machine weight: 200kg

Delivering speed: 180/min

outline dimension: 650X410X1500mm


 Name of Product  FOB Price (USD)

CTNVM-810 Vacuum Mixer

CTNLY-765-7 Continuous Roller  
CTNZM-35-80 Continuous steam machine  
CTNFL-12 Air cooling conveyor  
CTNYZ-12 Frying machine  
CTNQF-6-12 Cutting and dividing machine  
CTNTBJ-250 Automatic bag delivery machine  


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